Tiffany Table Lamps - A Touch of Class

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Tiffany Table Lamps - A Touch of Class

Postby Griffiths » Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:11 pm

Louis Tiffany began creating his signature lamps in 1895, while working as a stained glass designer for an interior design company in New York. The leftover bits of multicolored glass intrigued him, and he began a@# them into beautiful designs lamps. Soon, while he was still designing for the company as well as painting, he began designing lamps that would become known as one of the most important American artistic contributions of the late 19th century. His lamps became part of Europe's Art Nouveau movement, and heavily influenced stained glass creation.

While it's rare to find original Tiffany Table Lamps, those that do exist are very valuable. Original works have sold for over 8 million dollars in public sales. The beauty and handcrafted artistry is not the only thing that makes original Tiffany Table Lamps so valuable, though. Their limited number adds to the mystique, too. Because only he and a few other artists made his designs, the numbers were much fewer than anything mass-produced. And because they did not keep track of how many lamps were made from each individual design, each new discovery could be a unique lamp or one of only a few made from one pattern.

Tiffany Table Lamps made today, if they're true quality reproductions, all follow the same manufacturing process. A design is drawn on heavy cardboard and then traced onto the glass. The glass is cut and ground smooth, cleaned, a@# and soldered together with copper foil. Dale Tiffany is the contemporary manufacturer of the most authentic Tiffany reproductions available, staying true to the style and materials used originally.

They were created, and still are today by the best manufacturers like Dale Tiffany, in only about seven different styles with techniques that created different looks. One style of lamp, called Irregular Upper and Lower Border lamps, have openwork on the edges that makes the design look graced by tree branches and other foliage like shrubbery. This is a distinctive and unique Tiffany style. Some Tiffany Table Lamps have geometric styles, with squares, circles, ovals and triangles throughout the design. Others are called Transition to Flowers, because of the flower and botany focus, along with insects from nature like spiders and spiderwebs and dragonflies.

Tiffany Table Lamps with flowers as key parts of the design are some of the most popular produced today. Some will have one flower, like roses or lilies that dominate the design, while other Tiffany Table Lamps feature several different types and colors of flowers. Two styles used originally and today also include cone lamps and globe lamps, which simply refer to the shape.

Most people, whether they know anything of the history of Tiffany Table Lamps, can see a globe-shaped stained glass lamp and immediately think of it as a Tiffany, because the style is so widely known. If you're looking for lighting for your room and want a lush, rich look, Tiffany Table Lamps are an excellent choice. But you should research the manufacturer a little and find out how they manufacturer their lamps.

Cheap reproductions are available everywhere, but when it comes to Tiffany table lamps ; you get what you pay for. Some use rather plain colored glass, for instance, while the originals used opalescent glass. The appearance of the glass, whether flat or changing with the light, is an important distinction. Opalescent glass doesn't have a flat appearance, but rather shows at least two different shades of color from different angles.

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