Seeking Professional Suppliers/partners 03/07 ✔PayPal ✔Skril

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Seeking Professional Suppliers/partners 03/07 ✔PayPal ✔Skril

Postby xuxiaojunjun » Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:04 pm

2015 [url=]RS Gold[/url] Clan Cup competition is coming in this September 7th. Are you ready for it? If not, get yourself ready and win some awesome prizes in the competition with your friends. See the details below.What is the Clan Cup? The Clan Cup is an annual tournament where Runescape clans do battle with skill or arms for fun and glory. Clans of all experience are welcome to compete together.

While some of the highest-ranking clans will be participating, everyone will be able to find something fun and exciting to take part in throughout the tournament.Lots of different types of competitions are there to make sure that everyone will find something to enjoy.The competitions will include: EoC Full Out P2P Combat Cup, EoC Full Out F2P Combat Cup, Legacy Full Out P2P Combat Cup, Legacy Full Out F2P Combat Cup, 20vs20 P2P Combat Cup, 20vs20 F2P Combat Cup, Skilling Cup, Boss Cup and Raid Cup.

Each year Runescape teams call on Runescape's clans to compete in battles of skill, nerve and tenacity. Now, that time has come again. Get ready for the Clan Cup 2015. With glorious prizes to be won and year-long boasting rights on offer, there are many reasons to get involved.On September 7th, the Clan Cup will begin, with the competition running over several weeks.

Registration will open, in August. We will let you know when applications open. Keep your eyes on the news.There is a requirement to register for combat cup, when registration is opened, they will publish a web page with a form for your Clan leaders to fill out and submit. Registration will open on 21st August and close on 4th September. A maximum of 64 team spaces will be available for each cup.Keep an eye on the news for 2015 Runescape Clan Cup. Get ready for this.

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