WPC type flooring

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WPC type flooring

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WPC type flooring
<p>1.Laminate flooring (laminate flooring) is composed of five, waterproof balancing layer, base layer, a decorative paper, aluminum oxide, melamine.<a href="http://wpcterrassenholz.de/blog/kunststoff-holz-decking.html">Kunststoff Holz Decking</a> Melamine is a wear-resistant, aluminum oxide is compressive, and of course waterproof layer is waterproof, laminate flooring in the pavement to add moisture pad, in addition to the role as well as moisture leveling, so that the moisture resistance of laminate flooring It is far more than solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring, almost be afraid of water. Due to the addition of wear layer, in terms of maintenance it is very easy, no waxing, and basically the same tile cleaning it.<a href="http://wpcterrassenholz.de/blog/gunstige-freien-holz-kunststoff-zaun.html">Freien Holz Kunststoff Zaun</a></p>
<p>2. In life is much higher than the first two floors. Parquet, is based on does not destroy the wooden structure, consists of three layers of solid wood with high strength adhesive bonding, and the use of new technology for precision machining, chunks of pavement when the entire board can be like building blocks to fight soon knot up the wooden floor. <a href="http://wpcterrassenholz.de/blog/erschwinglichen-holz-kunststoff-terrassendielen.html">Holz Kunststoff Terrassendielen</a>Parquet surface selection of hard wood, such as oak, ash, etc., and UV curing paint treated with six purple, and fully guarantee the floor wear resistance; middle and bottom selected poplar, pine and other soft wood, so resilient flooring, foot feeling good, but also play a moisture-proof, anti-rotten role.</p>
<p>3.Three solid wood criss-cross, so that three kinds of wood and wood plate of different complementary form of stress with the best and avoid the shortcomings of ordinary wood floor deformable. Parquet retains the advantages of natural wood flooring, wood surface color, texture naturally simple, comfortable, wood should not have bark pockets, resin pockets, rot, knots, punching, cracks and other defects patchwork lax. Parquet flooring floating paving method, do not play earthworm. If the floor is relatively flat, the pavement can be directly on the concrete floor.<a href="http://wpcterrassenholz.de/blog/installationsanleitung-von-wpc-gelander.html">WPC Geländer</a> After the pavement, no longer planed, sanded and coated with paint, which is convenient, time-saving and no pollution, it can be used after paving.</p>
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