Seven Trust wpc decking laying details

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Seven Trust wpc decking laying details

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Seven Trust wpc decking laying details
<p>Wear: Laminate flooring as a wear-resistant surface layer, which consists of a homogeneous distribution of aluminum oxide, reflecting laminate flooring wear resistance "wear revolution" is mainly determined by the density of aluminum oxide. In general, aluminum oxide distribution is dense, the higher the floor wear revolution. However, it does not mean wear durable. Choose durable laminate flooring really needs special attention is the floor uneven groove bite is close, whether solid substrate, the formaldehyde content is too high, whether true natural colors and so on.
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More varieties, color fashion, can simulate a variety of natural or man-made patterns. Compared with traditional solid wood flooring, size large. Rich: laminate flooring decorative layer is typically imitation by the computer, it can produce a variety of wood species simulation wood patterns, and even imitation stone and create a unique pattern not found in nature.</p>
<p>Easy care: Because laminate flooring surface wear layer with good wear resistance, compressive strength, impact resistance and fire retardant, anti-chemical pollution and other properties, in everyday use, simply wrung cloth, mop or vacuum cleaner clean, if the floor appears greasy stains, the cleaner with a cloth moistened wipe.<a href="">Holz Kunststoff Bodenbelag für Spielbereich für Kinder</a>
Installation is simple: Because the four sides has a tongue and groove laminate flooring, when installed just fit tongue and groove with each other to form a precise snap to, the overall effect is good ground after laying, uniform color, visual effects, and, laminate flooring can mounted directly on the ground or other floor surface without having to fight the dragon. In addition, to strengthen the floor coverings can start from any point of the room, simple and quick.</p>
<p>Compared with solid wood flooring, laminate flooring wear layer of the outermost surface is specially treated, can achieve high hardness, using a sharp hard objects such as keys to scratch, they will not leave marks. The greatest benefit of the advantages is that daily life no longer have to protect the floor and the timid. <a href="">Außenterrasse Holz Kunststoff Boden</a>But also has a higher flame retardant properties, corrosion resistance, pollution ability, good compressive strength, impact resistance.
Excellent cost (cheap): laminate flooring has a wear layer, decorative layer, substrate layer and balance. Its wear layer, decorative layer and balancing layer to manual printing, the use of fast-growing forest base material manufacturing, low cost compared with wood floors, while large-scale production, relatively high cost<a href="">WPC Garten Pergola Planen</a></p>
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